The Heart of a Dark Star Now Available!

Our fourth album, The Heart of a Dark Star, is officially released today!! Thank you so much to everyone who has already pre-ordered it and bought it at our shows. Your support means the world to us! For any of you who missed it, it's now available on iTunes, Bandcamp and our store...and probably lots of other places! We heart you!!


Brad from Boise November 18, 2014 @04:12 pm
What a most amazing album from not a finer-deserving duo in the business today. So contrasting, yet definititve. It soars gracefully, dives frenetically; maintaining its edge accompanied by softer corners; drives on only to momentarily brake for a taste of doo-whop; accessible while keeping its mystical distance, brilliantly illuminating its very own dark corners. A complete work. Of art.
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