Still Alive...Album 5

Hello people of Earth! Been a super busy 2017 for us. Currently recording the final chapter of Album 5. Very excited to share it all with you!!


Rainbow Bleak November 07, 2017 @08:41 pm
Chicago misses you.
Scott May 26, 2017 @01:41 pm
Psyched about Album 5! Do you have any idea when it will be out? Hope you're coming back to Austin soon!
Ria Tsinas April 26, 2017 @10:27 pm
One time my husband escaped the hospital after sustaining a massive head wound from jumping out of a moving car to see you guys play in San Francisco. This was after we drove from Seattle. I've been a huge fan for years. The San Francisco show I was 6 months pregnant. That made our daughter Lola's first concert. Anyway- we shared a huge bond and love over your band. He passed away 3 weeks ago. I guess he thought the other world needed him more. Your music was a huge part of our love affair and currently brings me a lot of comfort. Looking forward to the new record! Thanks!
Jay and Theresa April 24, 2017 @12:26 pm
I am not a robot. I have feels, I love Mr. Gnome. Once I wore a mustache and slept through an entire show. It was still the 2nd best show I have ever slept through. The first? The first best show I ever slept through was in the Womb for Eric Clapton and Muddy Waters in Richfield back in 79. In a past life I was Richard Valenzuela's brother Bob's motorcycle repair man. All I'm saying is I have a lot of clout, so when I say Mr. Gnome rocks, you should listen! Looking forward to 5!
JP Relvas April 19, 2017 @04:52 pm
I'm super pumped for album 5! My body is ready for new Mr. Gnome. Hope to see in PA next tour! By the way, do you plan to use that gnarly dual neck guitar/bass on the upcoming tour? That thing looks absolutely beautiful!
Angela April 14, 2017 @02:17 pm
I was introduced to you by NPR and have been hooked ever since. You are at once dark, trippy and ethereal. Maybe I will get to see you live for your next go round. Until then I just purchased some CDs.
Dave Kolar March 18, 2017 @06:58 pm
Looking forward to Album 5. Hope to see you guys again soon at Beachland. The new songs you played sounded amazing; as did the new guitar!
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