Home for the Holidays

It is with a heavy heart we have to announce a tour cancellation for a tour we never got to announce to you guys.  About this time we would normally begin promoting our annual winter tour, but unfortunately this winter we will be staying home due to the untimely and sudden death of my (Nicole's) father.  His passing was a total shock and I'm still trying to wrap my head around it.

We are very sorry we won't get to see all of you this winter as we have for so many years in the past (over a decade now)!  We've instead decided to stay home and be with our families over the holidays.  

And to our fans in Cleveland, we are sorry we won't be doing our Cleveland Holiday Show this year, a show my father never missed.  He would come to all of our hometown shows and stand uncomfortably in the crowd of drunken debauchery just to support us. He always believed in us and was so proud of what we were doing.

We urge all of you to hug your loved ones and let them know how important they are to you, and to enjoy the time you have with them over this upcoming holiday season, because you never know how much time you'll have with them.  We will be back at it next year with a new album and a ton of new things to share with you.  We appreciate all of your support in the meantime.  It means so much to us.  Thank you all for everything!  We love you all <3


Zachary Mayhorn November 12, 2017 @06:46 am
Best wishes to you and Sam and your families. I dread this happening and try not to imagine it. Make the most of time, catch you on the flip side!
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